How do I access ALL of the Support Portal and Knowledge Base articles?

How do I setup my Support Portal account?

What do I do to reset my account password?

To access the complete list of Knowledge Base articles you will be required to login to the Support Portal. 

Setting Up Your Account Login

You will receive an email from us at entitled, "Jucebox Support Portal User Activation" where you will find a link to set up your account. Click on the link in the email to be redirected to the "Activate Your Account " page and set your password. You will then be able to login and have access to the full library of Jucebox Knowledge Base articles.

Resetting Your Password

  • To reset your Support Portal account password, navigate to the home page and click the green "Login" button.

  • From there, you will find a link titled "Forgot Your Password?"

    • Click this link, enter your email address, and you will be able to reset your password.

Please note: This process will only work with the email address with which you registered you Support Portal account, and only if you have followed the process of signing up and activating your account first.

If you have any issues with setting up your account, need help resetting your password, or need another activation email, please submit a support ticket by navigating to the home page of the support portal and selecting "+ New Support Ticket."