What is Co-Selling?

When you should Co-Sell?

Who should you Co-Sell with?

How to Co-Sell?

How commissions are split?


    Earn faster as you get started in your pursuit of becoming a top 1% producer while you learn. Co-Selling is the support of a producer with proven skills to step in and help you get the deal done. This is not a perpetual solution, rather, it is to help you get the business that you wouldn’t get on your own and then learn the process so that you can get it on your own and be independent.

When Should You Co-Sell?

    If you haven’t closed the different tiers of cases consistently and successfully yet, then consider Co-Selling to earn while learning.

Who Should You Co-Sell With?

  • Mike Milligan - Any Lead with  $500k+ in moveable assets
    • Likely $200k+ Case
  • Seth Frantz - Any Lead with $100k - $499k moveable assets
    • Likely Under $200K Case

How to Co-Sell?

  • Fill out this Co-Selling Support Request Form with the necessary information and provide as many details as possible.
    • Incomplete information will result in the rejection of the co-selling request and will require resubmission once complete information is available. The request is still subject to review and not all requests will be granted co-selling support.
  • Once reviewed by our experts - Mike or Seth, they will send their calendar for you to schedule an appointment with them.


  • You should loop in the co-seller after your qualifying call so they can understand the prospect and potentially join you on the next call (planning the problem with the forecaster).
  • Do not set an appointment with your prospect without understanding the availability of your co-selling partner. You must understand their availability and then book with your prospect within it.

How commissions are split?

Determining Splits - Five 20s (Based on Million Dollar Round Table)

  • Finding the Prospect (Generating the Lead) - 20%
  • Conducting a Fact Finder (Qualifying) - 20%
  • Preparing the Case (Case Design, Forecaster, Product Selection, etc.) - 20%
  • Closing the Sale (Co-Seller) - 20%
  • After the Sale Service - 20%

These are a rule of thumb, and there are circumstances in which the split would not be divisible by 20s. It depends on the work done by the Co-Seller and what is agreed upon.

Watch the Video below to learn more about Co-Selling

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