How do I reschedule my Onboarding Call(s)?

There are three (3) required calls during our Onboarding process to successfully launch your marketing services. Each call is extremely important in their own individual way to ensure your account is built out correctly and you are ready start receiving leads. Learn more about each of the three (3) required calls during our Onboarding process here.

When you miss calls it holds everything back and delays your launch date, which ultimately delays results.

If you missed one of your onboarding calls it is likely that you received and email from us with a direct rescheduling link [Subject: Need to Reschedule [Call] ]. Please search your inbox for this email and use the direct rescheduling link provided. 

If you can can not locate the email referenced above or need to request to reschedule a call, please submit a ticket and a member of our Client Success Team will assist you in getting your call rescheduled.