What are Onboarding calls?

What is involved in the Onboarding process?

There are three (3) required calls during our Onboarding process to successfully launch your Account with Marketing Services.

  1. The Welcome Call
    • The first call in our Onboarding process with one of our Client Success Advisors. 
    • This call takes place as soon as possible after your Service Agreement is signed and Payment has processed. 
    • On this call our Client Success Advisor will review and confirm your business information and get some questions answered about how you operate your business.
  2. The Review Call 
    • This call takes place approximately one week after your Welcome Call and is your second call in the Onboarding process. 
    • Our Client Success Advisor will review your Training Progress, everything we have set up from our previous call, and then will walk you through the process that the prospect will go through to become a lead. 
  3. The Pre-Launch Call
    • Our third and final Onboarding call
    • This call takes place approximately one day after our Review Call.
    • Our Client Success Advisor will verify that you have hit all of our Pre-Launch Milestones, confirm you know how to use the CRM and answer any questions you may have, briefly revisit the most important part of the training, and set your official Launch Date!