What courses do I have access to?

What training is required?

Where do I access the training?

Agent Shift and Exclusive Marketing Services Program

As a Jucebox Client in our Agent Shift+ Marketing Services program, you will be granted access to our training portal which will include the following courses:

  1. Agency Evolution 2.0
  2. Virtual Selling Masterclass 2.0
  3. Weekly Coaching Call Recordings
  4. BONUS Training
  5. General Technology


Our Agency Evolution 2.0 course is a required to be completed prior to your Campaign being launched, as this ensures we generate the best results possible. The training covers the Lead Conversion Process, Sales Process, How To Use The CRM and More.


Our Virtual Selling Masterclass 2.0 course is required to be fully completed by the end of your first month of your campaign being live, we highly recommend this advanced training. This training is different than the required training (Agency Evolution) and is available for extra support throughout this process. This includes, Call Scripts, How to Handle Objections, The Principles of Sales, Jucebox Planner and more!

Our Weekly Coaching Call Recordings course is not required for launch. This training dives into recordings of our past Sale and Tech Coaching Calls. Under each video is a brief description about what was discussed that week so you can find which topic pertains to you. For more information about the live calls and how to sign up, visit our Sales Coaching Call and Tech Coaching Call Knowledge Based Articles. 

Our BONUS Training course is not required for launch. However, this training is recommended. In this course, recordings and BONUS trainings will be available to watch and review as many times as needed. Examples of BONUS content includes, but is not limited to, our Product Fundamental Workshop series and our LinkedIn Workshop.  

Our General Technology course is not required for launch. However, this training will be very useful if you need information and assistance with the general technology utilized in our program. In this training we go over basic setup for the Google Chrome Browser and Calendar, how to setup and utilize zoom for virtual meetings, and CRM troubleshooting.

Questions on Additional Users?:

Please submit a Support Ticket by navigating to the home page of the support portal and select "+ New Support Ticket" and our team is happy to help. For further information, please see Additional Jucebox User Options - Preemptive Advantage (TFRA)


Please check the email that you have signed up for Jucebox Services with (including Spam) for an email invitation to join Skool from "noreply@skool.com." Please make sure to click the "JOIN NOW" button within any email you receive from Skool (typically all within one thread) to ensure you Join all/any course invitations.

Skool Training Community and Classroom URL: https://www.skool.com/login