What is the difference between the Training Portal and the Support Portal?

The Training Portal is where you go to learn all of the core and foundational information to effectively launch into our Program.

The Support Portal is where you go to learn in a more individualized and specialized manner. Also, where you can get quick answers to common support questions and request in areas such as the CRM, Onboarding Process, Getting Support, Training Portal, Sales Process, Billing, Audience & Targeting, and much more.

  • For the Best and Fastest Support, navigate to the Support Portal homepage to access our Client Knowledge Base, helpful Solution Articles and to Submit a Support Ticket if needed.

Our Knowledge Base (where you currently are) lives within our Private Client Support Portal, where you can go to receive quick and actionable learnings. 

  • Often, the Knowledge Base is the quickest way to get help with the common questions, issues, or challenges. It's a great place for Clients to get what they need, right when they needed.

  • Check back here often as we are updating the information and adding more and more to the Knowledge Base, all the time.

For more information on how to get great Support and to Submit a Support Ticket please navigate to the home page of the support portal and select "+ New Support Ticket"