How do I refer a friend or client?

Do you have a friend, family member, or client who is looking for someone to manage their investments? JB Wealth Advisors is here to help!


    Our goal is to do the best we can for those you refer to JB Wealth with the following possible outcomes in mind.

  • Help your clients with their investments.
  • They need help but not from us - we will refer them to a better solution.
  • Principle protection will continue to be handled by you.
  • Might not be able to help them - we will let you know and tell you why

Please see the below Referral Process for JB Growth Partners / Jucebox Partners (i.e. Insurance Agents) referring their clients for Investment Management Services at JB Wealth Advisors. The below process will be used EVERY TIME a referral occurs. 


  1. Have the prospective client fill out a form on the JB Wealth Advisors website
    • IMPORTANT: This should be filled out by them with their information
  2. Referring Friend (i.e. YOU, the Agent) will then need to fill out a Referral Form.
    • IMPORTANT: This should be filled out by YOU (Agent) with the required information in the form


Each time the above TWO (2) forms are submitted, a member of the JB Wealth Team will then reach out to them to see how they may be able to help your client.


When you refer someone to JB Wealth you can expect the following communications and follow-up from the Firm.

Within 5-7 Business Days

  • JB Wealth will connect with your referral to schedule an initial appointment with Mike.
  • Once the referral is submitted, please wait patiently until you hear from us to inform you of the next steps we are taking to serve the client.

IMPORTANT: If you don’t hear from JB Wealth within 2 weeks, you can follow up with


  • Please reach out to ONLY for any questions/follow-up.
    • Reaching out to JB Wealth will slow down our ability to help the client.
  • DON'T text or email any JB Wealth Investment Advisor (IAR) personally.
  • You should NOT give any Investment Advice.
  • You should NOT provide any information that could be construed as investment advice
  • If you have a statement from a client that you want to send in for feedback, send it to
  • Follow the Referral Process.